Bikini Girl Poll

On the lighter side, Hugga HQ is divided down party lines over the fate of Bikini Girl on American Idol. This poll isn’t helping us make our case with the opposing side that her and her hotness were wronged.

Sad Bikini Girl Poll


I have to admit, I was certain they would keep her on at least for a couple more weeks simply because of the drama she brought to the show. It was like watching a train wreck. I loved it when Cara called her a b*tch.

At first I was blinded by the good looks and bikini, but after watching how she reacted when they let her go, I think she has a very bad attitude and is a sore loser.

But, she does look good.

I think it was a strategy, as she adhered to that role so well and played the bitch—today’s entertainment news has her considering Playboy. She has to be already talking reality TV deals. And if she gamed American Idol like that, then she’s not only attractive, but smart.

Yeah, she’s definitely attractive, and she might even be smart… But how is she in a bunch sprint on cobblestones? ‘Cos that’s what matters most in a woman, right?

On a semi-related note, did anyone else see that racy ad for Pearl Izumi on the back cover of VeloNews this month? Talk about using sex as a strategy! I honestly didn’t notice it until I finished the magazine because the media guide to the Tour of California was shrink wrapped over it when it came in the mail. I guess that explains the funny looks on the train.

@ Matthew
Yup, nipples GALORE!

I haven’t seen the Velonews, but I know the same image is used in the 2009 Pearl catalog, which has the nipple action photoshop’ed out.

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