Bikes and Media at Seatac

I spotted this trike v. bike ad for Microsoft’s business suite on a terminal wall at SeaTac. A good visual despite the lack of helmets. It’s not clear in the photo, but I think that’s a Lemond. I’ve noticed an uptick in bikes in media recently with the pack chasing down a break ad for a financial firm.



Saw that on the way out of Seatac to Maui…It’s an Olmo.  I enjoyed climbing Haleakala, but missed out on the winery ride.  Thanks for the tips

Thanks Alan, it’s an [Olmo](! How’d you do on Hakeakala, all the way up to the observatory, slicing corners like motobike on the way down? The winery ride is a really fun, but not easy. We’ll be back this winter for more rides on Maui, mostly in Napili.

I rode Haleakala in about 4.5 hours, slowed somewhat by riding all the way up with my Dad (who did great).  For a trackie like myself, anything taller than climbing up to the top of the banking seems like quite a climb.  The weather was a pain though.  By about 5000’ a storm came in and it started pouring as hard as I have ever seen.  By the top, it was in the low 40’s and raining hard, and with the prospect of decending in the cold and wet over the cattle crossings, we reluctantly climbed in the rental van (thanks, mom) and took the drive down with the heater on full blast.  So much for Hawaii, huh?  It feels very much like I have unfinished business with the mountain. 

If you’re staying in Napili, as we did, try the west end loop, about 60 miles, all up and down with corners (and donkeys on the road) for the first 30-40 miles.

The west end ride is on the list! Last year we rode part of it and also plan to ride upcountry on all those roads.

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