Bike Sharing Boston

Bike Sharing Boston is in the news with the city releasing an RFP.

Users would swipe some form of plastic - an ATM, credit or Charlie card - to rent the bikes for a fee that will likely range between $2 to $5 an hour, said Jim Hunt, the city’s chief of environment and energy.

Officials eventually hope to expand the network to 600 stations in the greater metropolitan area with 6,000 bikes. I been to Boston a few times, have never ridden there, but it didn’t strike me as particularly bike friendly. The Boston Daily reports that Bicycle Magazine consistently ranks Boston as one of the worst biking cities.

Any readers from Boston? Is is rideable?


Apart from the weather, Boston and the surrounding towns are quite bike friendly, and getting more so all the time.  There are some very active bike advocacy groups, and new initiatives like bike “cages” at one of the major subway stations to easy inbound commuting from the ‘burbs.  There are also more and more bike paths appearing all the time.  The drivers themselves may not be especially bike friendly, but the infrastructure is certainly gaining.

There are also some beautiful non-street routes, including paths along the Charles River on both the Boston and Cambridge sides, the very popular Minuteman Bikeway (11 miles of car-free path from Bedford to Cambridge), and more bikeways in various stages of development.

I commute almost 10 miles along the Minuteman and Charles River paths, with only a few miles on surface roads in Cambridge.

Boston is flat, which makes for a great start. Cambridge has a number of bike lanes and even a physically separated lane or 2 near MIT. But in 1 week I saw 2 right hooks at the same intersection occurring in a bike lane. The first one was with a box van that illegally turned right on a red and pushed a girl off her bike into us as we were standing there. She was nearly crushed and that left me pissed off about how cyclists are accommodated (or not I should say).

Boston I believe installed their first bike lane last summer. Their FIRST! I wouldn’t call it friendly, and the hostile drivers add to the madness.

They could do a lot with that city to make it bike friendly, but I’m sure all the drivers would put up a stink.

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