Bike Priorities

There’s a joke in the cycling community that bike shops should include marriage counseling with a bike purchase or even offer up some advice with a cup of joe. Maybe set up a marriage counselor network for all them relationships gone bad when the bike becomes a priority as shown in this photo.

I’d think long and hard about putting my bike on the couch – choose wisely with your bike priorities. Unless of course, I was single and the boys were coming over with a case of beer to admire my new sport utility bike.


I happen to know first hand, having dined Chez Fast Boy in New York last week, that the particular sofa in that photo isn’t exactly the ‘good sofa’ in the house. It’s more the dog’s sofa, the place where raw meat is tossed in the dog’s vicinity. Still Fast Boy’s other shots laying bike parts out on the bed, do raise some eyebrows.

Ha—I’m lucky to have a garage, but just this week had bike parts in the kitchen and that was *noted* by my wife.

On this topic, [Bill Davidson]( told us that when he first met his future wife she said that it was odd to have your clothes scattered all over the house but tires stacked methodically in the closet.

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