Bike Polo in Seattle, and the Times

bruisedbybike.jpgLooks like Bike Polo’s hitting the mainstream in little old Seattle, heralded by article in the Seattle Times. But it’s not just here; it’s been in the Times (in New York) earlier this year.

Bike polo’s fascinating in it’s diversity. Ranging from the very formal and internationalized version played in the US and farther a field to urban park polo played in major cities all over the US. Here’s a mallet-cam view of a game in NYC.

My favorite are the mini bike events – like the Bruised By Bike event detailed on Alex Wetmore’s blog earlier this year. These folks are totally nuts in the best possible way. I hope I get a chance to attend next year’s bike rollo.


You don’t have to wait a year, actually.  The bruised by bike folks do rollo (minibike polo) every Friday night at the park and ride at Ravenna & 65th NE.

Thanks for the tip! I’ll head down. Nice to see ya here .83!

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