Bike Night Out

Bike Night Pam and I rode Bettie to dinner last night and the highlight, besides the romance of riding a bike together, was no parking stress. We rolled up to the new Cactus restaurant without the usual parking search on Alki, ate dinner, and rode back. We took turns sitting on the SnapDeck, used a light in the dark on the way back, and relaxed.

The ride to dinner was one of 6 trips/errands over the weekend that we did without a car and that’s the most liberating thing about Bettie and sport-utility bikes. We’re not stuck in traffic, sitting in a car, wasting our time.

A reader sent us a great article from the Moynihan Institute on bicycle commuting. The Rant n’ Irishman takes Critical Mass to task and also insists that he’s not making a big statement, by poking a stick in the eye of people in cars, but simply taking control of his life. Today the AP ran a story on about going car free and the benefits of arriving at “one’s destination without feeling all tense and angry.” There’s also a book about How to Live Well Without Owning a Car.

For our bike night out, we were in control, not in a car, and having fun.


Sounds like a nice ride.  I can’t wait until the weather here in central FL cools down enough to ride for fun w/out sweating profusely.

August is the best time in Seattle, late summer, it’s cool in the mornings, nights, warm in the day and no rain. And, I’ve got another Bettie post coming, but it’s not a passive ride at all with the Stokemonkey. It’s assisted, so you’re getting a light or hard work out.

Byron and Pam-
I am so proud of you!  I guess we need a snazzy snapdeck so Tom can cart me around to dinner at great places!  Maybe we can go on an extracycle double date some time while Angela babysits!

That’s a great idea … a double bike night! I bet, by requested, Pam would make you a one-time, exclusive sparkly-blue cushiony cover for you.

My maiden name is Stillger—- My family came from Bayonne, NJ—-
When I came across the Stillger name, I could not help but be curious—- Where is your home?

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