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 bike_my_way.png A new GPS app for cyclists was released earlier this week and our first response is good. We’ve been underwhelmed by most cycling apps and didn’t like Bike Your Drive very much. Bike My Way records your rides and you can annotate waypoints with photos and notes. The best feature is the export to GPX files that you can them import into other apps, including Aperture 3 and then apply that track to your photos.

While the app will record your entire ride, we likely wouldn’t do that to spare the battery. Instead, just record waypoints along the ride.

We’ll use this with our Biologic iPhone mount when we ride the Mobile Social in Portland during Webvisions next month. Bike My Way is available in the iTunes Store for 1.99. It only works with the 3G and 3Gs phones.


I like GPS Motion-X. Have you checked that one yet? Is this one comparable? Motion-X has so many features, not just for biking.

Not yet. Good tip. Checking it out now.

Have you looked at either the MapMyRide App [which i understand looks you into using their system] or my new [for the last few months] app Cyclemeter.

It stores to google maps, and from in app can email, or twitter, or save out CSV, KML, GPX, or Google URL.

I’d love to know how you thought it compared to Bike My Way

My opinion on MapMyRide is best expressed in a post titled, [Riding the Mariana Trench](

Yes, read it and agree, part of the reason I was trying to find something better.  Do you have any experience with the Cyclemeter App?

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