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Tree Hugger posted on Bike Mowers last week (thanks for the tip Paul), including this one from Eastern Washington sent in by Montana Mike. Amazingly, that post still get hits, a few serious comments, and pedal-powered mowers are apparently growing in popularity.

Always on top of the urban bike trends, maybe we should design and manufacture a hugga mower.


This was my first thought after posting about the InnovateOrDie content (

Of all the machines that polute, 2 stroke lawnmowers are among the worst, and the most easily replaced. Any pedal powered machine that replaces your old Toro is doing a mountain more good that commuting to work on a bike.

Definitely Yes on making the pedal mower bike. But why stop there?
* Leaf blowers are not just an evironmentally bad, they’re a sonic danger as well.
* Same for weed whackers.

unfortunately these don’t lend themselves so well to a bicycle mount. Hmmm.

The hugga whacka, a propeller device attached to a Nexus hub that whacks—all brings me to a whole Road Warrior, thunderdome theme.

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