Bike Month Day One: The Challenges

Bike Month is here – yippee! – and all over the country bike challenges are being thrown down. Like the Seattle org that’s donating cash for every 5 round trips a commuter rides, the Kennewick REI stores with schwag and prizes, and the overall Group Health Commute Challenge with lots of activities and lots of sponsors.

To further celebrate Bike Month, Street Films resurrects a bikeTV classic, where Hal Ruza (famous bike mechanic) humorously grades the bike locking ability of New Yorkers.

Check these cities for examples of more activities and the 50 ways to leave your car.

Also take note that the American Lung Association released it’s yearly report on air quality today.


Bike Hugger,
Thanks for helping spread the word on Bike To Work Month and all things related!  I’m looking forward to seeing more bikes out there.  Hopefully it will translate into long term increases in numbers and in safety.


You’re welcome. Last year about this time is when Bike Hugger was born. The blog was inspired by all the cyclists I saw riding during Bike Month. I work from a studio in my home, so I don’t commute myself, but I’ll be out there taking photos, videos, and posting about it. And, of course, transporting our shirts, Clip-n-Seals, and more with [Bettie](/tag/bettie).

Isn’t every month Bike to Work Month? :)

Well of course, but this is the time of year when we get more attention. I’m intersted in what other companies are doing. I know Boeing has showers and even lockers for commuters.

Since the past month has seen 5 of my friends get hit by cars here in Toronto, I’m hoping the next month improves.

On a different note I bought a little battery powered horn for my bike on Friday.  It sounds like a scooter horn.. very piercing.  I call it The Annoyanator 5000.  Good times.


What’s going on in Toronto that’s causing all the collisions? Bike lanes, angry motorists, what?

Just inattentive drivers I think.  Spring has just sorta properly hit here so everyone’s in a hurry.  Thankfully nobody I know has been seriously hurt.. just some bent wheels, bruises and scrapes.  There are a lot of cyclists on the road, but I think a lot of drivers still haven’t gotten the memo.  As for bike lanes, you mean those things that you can park in for free!  woohoo! *groan* :P

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