Bike Messenger Scene hits Hollywood

Blonde Ambition It seems that Hollywood is stepping back into the bike messenger scene. Looking at the photos from “Blonde Ambition” it looks like a far more glamorous portrayal of the lifestyle than we saw in the ’80s flic Quicksilver. Of course how real can it be if the troubled female in the movie is played by…

Jessica Simpson Messenger Jessica Simpson?!


Didn’t this hit a while ago? Either way it makes you long for Kevin Bacon don’t it?

mmmmm bbbbbaaaaconnnnn…


Yeah - it’s not new, but it’s still scary.  I saw the photo and it reminded me of how bad an idea it would be to put Jessica Simpson on a fixed gear.  Yikes!

We need more scenes of motorpacing semis at 50 MPH!

“no, no,  Jessica.  A track bike does have a ‘fixed gear’, but what you’re riding is a bike with a ‘freewheel’, not a ‘broke gear.’”

Seriously, though…the link says Rachel Leigh Cook is in the movie.  Why can’t she be the lead?  That one’s quite fit…

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