Bike Hugger’s Curated Holiday Gift Guide


As we roll merrily into the holiday season, it’s time to put together the Bike Hugger Curated Gift List–our “best of” list for presents for the cyclist, generated by our readers and the Bike Hugger writers. We’ll take the best suggestions and put them all together for you and your loved ones to use for your holiday shopping list.

Give us your must have items, your dream choices and your oddities in our Community section. Simply write a post there with “Gift:” in the title and we’ll organize it all into one handy PDF file, tag a tweet with bikegift, or leave a comment here.


I’m thinking about buying one of those new garmin units, but I don’t see them in the BikeHugger store anywhere. Where can I buy one and give you guys a kickback?

Nice! Added to the astore under the “gear” category.

My brilliant suggestion: a bike lock (the one I have in mind is the Abus Bordo 6500 Granit X-plus…

Was also dreaming of a new winter bike - the Civia Hyland looks close to ideal for this.  But I think I need to get my wife a proper “girl’s bike first, and the Rivendell Betty Foy looks like it meets the criteria on that score…

And those cool bike hugger buddy flaps would go great on the new bikes…

I’m on the cusp of getting the Betty Foy for my wife, although you can’t find one here in Seattle to test ride.  A Soma Buena Vista is running a close second.  Either bike, with flaps, would make a Merry Holiday in our house.

If you are looking for an affordable, quality made “dutch style” commuter bike you should check out

They are made by hand in american, out of american steel using solar power and they only cost $595.

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