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mid.jpg Next week, Bike Hugger is back in Vegas to blog the Consumer Electronics Show. We’re there on the cycling tip and looking for relevant technology from Intel and others. Mobile Internet Devices are expected to dominate the show, like we talked about in the Ultra Mobile Bike Devices and Bicycle Hi Fi posts.

Any bike-related technologies that you readers are interested in seeing? Like messengers monitoring air pollution with cellphones and cargo bikes … .



Let us know if you see any bike minded mobile GPS unit alternatives to the Garmin Edge series.

And put $20 on 16 for me. :)

On the agenda! Pervasive computing I think is going to directly apply to bikes in various ways.

Not exactly computer-related but how about a bike frame with built-in LEDs? Modern LEDs are powerful enough to see by, last forever, and are small enough to be built right into the frame.

And how about a standard electric connector to a dynohub, so that you just mount the front wheel axle and have wireless power on the inside of the fork. No fiddly connectors to work loose, just the usual nut and bolt. Power your cycle computer, gps, lights, whatever. Plug them right into the frame using a standardised click-in electric mount.

I think that would be pretty cool!


Embedded LEDs—nice.

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