Bike Hugger Brown

Besides the shirts, socks, stickers and other schwag, another product we’re working on now with SchoonerExact is Bike Hugger Brown, a mellow, nut-brown style ale, brewed for cyclists on skinny tires.


Yum! Will this be available throughout the NW, or? :) And congrats on your future xtracycle. I’m furiously saving for mine (with stokemonkey)


Schooner Exact, the brewery is working on all the particulars for the release. We’re hoping for fall or winter. its going to be great. It’ll be in the Seattle area. Speaking of Schooner Exact, they just got written up in the Seattle Weekly.


We are currently develpoing the recipe, labeling, and distribution ideas. It unfortunatley will not be available at your local pdx grocery store anytime soon, but be sure to keep in contact with Byron and we will try to work something out.

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