Bike Expo 2009

Despite the rainy weather, area cyclists showed up in droves for Cascade’s annual Bike Expo. After a year in SoDo, the expo returned to Magnuson Park this year. Bigger and better than ever, exhibitors have taken over all of Hanger 30 and an adjacent tent, will several others in the surrounding area.

The events began last night with an appearance by Bob Roll. Hysterical beyond words, the audience left sore from laughter and with a better understanding of cycling from the perspective of Bobke himself. With tales of vicious climbs, unfathomable riding weather and complete debauchery, Bobke gave us his own recap of the Tour of California and predictions for what may be the most dramatic Tour de France that July has ever seen.

Events continue tomorrow at Hanger 30 where you’re likely to find some day-two deals between the great line-up of presenters.

If you’re not able to attend, Cascade will be tweeting and the Flickr stream is likely to have more additions.


I uploaded a bunch of bike shots… Saturday was a soaking mess

I really enjoyed the Bike Expo two years ago… lots of vendors, big hangar and more than just clearance sales (certainly still many good deals to be had).  Last year it moved to the pier and shrunk considerably.  This year it was in an area to small and ended up needing a big (and soaking wet) outdoor tent. 

Those jerseys were only a good deal if someone hadn’t dropped them on the ground! ;)

I’d rather Cascade had 2 prices—one for those big bike shop with liquidation prices—and another for manufacturers to show off products.  I can see them charging $1-3k for big bike shops doing a mass closeout—but I suspect companies like Inside Ride don’t see the value.  Frankly, I’d rather see more of that type of booth—which I see less of every year.

Next year I’m probably just going to head down to Sea Otter… this year’s bike expo was lame (and wet).

Sea Otter is on our list.

My jaw hit the floor when I saw some of the amazing cargo bikes that the Oregon Handbuilt crew were showing off. For their sake, I hope they sold some of those beauties. So many different styles. I wonder what kind is most suited for hilly terrain?

Portland is mostly flat . . . was [it these]( Those don’t climb no.

The poor Metrofiets people were stuck in a little pop-up tent outside in the rain, so I didn’t even stop to check them out. Most of the Portland cargo-haulers were some sort of low-deck, cargo in front of the handlebar design.

Oh wait, no I was thinking someone else, you are right, they were one of the exhibitors I was checking out. I think it was the Madsen people who were stuck outdoors.

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