Bike + 3 Dogs


Zoomed in on the photo with notations and Andrew emailed to say

That’s from The Dalles, OR this weekend. We spotted this guy and his 3 DOGS! The dog on the back was sitting calmly on the piece of plywood and there were two more pups in the front basket. I freaking SPRINTED out of the hotel room to grab the camera and chased that guy on foot for 2 blocks to get that crappy pic. I can’t believe that dog on the back just sat there!


Another photo with more dogs and a cat!

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Funny. We were shooting a catalog down there 5 years ago and saw that dude.  We shot some pictures but didn’t use them in the book.


That’s amazing. Wow. Tweeting this now.

Dang, someone hook the spaniel up with a basket, too!

Still doesn’t make it a good idea to ride against traffic.

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