Bike Bouncer

bike bouncerHaving garaged a bike, and everyone I know has done the same thing, the Bike Bouncer is interesting and could possibly save you a replacement frame. (That is if you remember to hook it onto your garage!)


And from the bizarro world, is the bouncer bike, which is . .. well, just have a look for yourself.


Nice review..

You might add that its “BikeBouncer” 1 word —if you google it as
“Bike Bouncer” (two words) you get this wierd bike contraption that works
by hopping up and down! Check it out.

Note that its better than another product that spins so you don’t see it 1/2 the time, is reflective, and you have to remove it so you won’t tune it out

Happy cycling!

of course, if you don’t drive your bike places, you wouldn’t have this problem either?  so there are simpler solutions.

the bouncer bike is interesting, and it’s going on my list of strange bikes to build one of these days, all you’d need is an array of different lengthed spokes to get the eccentric wheel and a normal kick-scooter.

my favorite oddball bike is probably retro-direct gearing though.  building up one of those is up there on my todo list with my next lazy weekend.

Excellent! Check [Chicago Freak Bike]( for, well, some freakiness. The retrogear reminds me of the positively painful [power cranks](

Pay for a sign to hang from my garage? Seems some rubber from the harware store, a pic of my bike, and maybe some reflective tape would work. I think it would have to be a permanent installation though. If you forget your bike is on the roof of your car, how likely are you to remember to hang the signage when you leave?

Weird bikes:

Hula Bike (similar to the bouncing bike)

And for runners or triathletes who don’t warm up the the bike, the treadmill bike:

Couch Bike: (chips not included)

Re: permanent solution.

Yes you can make this yourself. The cool thing is that this product is made of engineer grade enclosed lens reflective film (same stuff on road signs and your car’s license plate), has steel reinforced holes - so you are paying for the parts and time to make the ideal solution.

Permanent is not the way to go, though. The trick is to train yourself to stop the car and get out. I use the product myself of course. The competing product is the “roof rack reminder”, but as reviewers have pointed out, since its permanent, the driver tunes it out and - bam! - you forget again. So the only way to stop this sad situation is to make yourself stop. 

Happy cycling.


One of my coworkers has the scooter thingee (Bouncer Bike). I just can’t look at him with a straight face.

How about this for low buck:  I just wheel my garbage can into my garage spot when I pull out to put my bike on the car.  When I get home and see a garbage can in my spot, I’m reminded to remove my bike.

I like the fact that the Roof Rack Reminder has a solution for reminding me of overhead cargo when traveling away from home as well as method of reminding me before driving into my garage!  A complete reminder system for only $14.99!

The highly visible 9"x9” garage mounted warning diamond can be installed temporarily or permanently, this gives the user a choice of which method suits them best! 
When in use, the Roof Rack Reminder provides a reliable reminder to check for overhead cargo anytime the garage door is raised. 

No warning system is “fool” proof, but for $14.99, the Roof Rack Reminder provides the most comprehensive solution to Protect Your Overhead!

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