Big Ass Truck

Don’t drive very often, mostly ride my bike, but rented a 24 footer for a move and damn that was intense for the first drive. The rental center is at Spokane and 1st. That’s 2 rights and you’re on the W. Seattle Freeway – a busy Seattle thoroughfare with skinny lanes and jersey barriers. No commercial license needed to drive it. Just go for it and the bike-racing instincts kicked in – focused, stayed in my lane, and drove that big ass truck home.

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Been there, done that with 26’ U-Hauls.  Once from NW Ohio to Central MD, then from Central MD to Central NC.  I thought to avoid heavy traffic on the NC move by sticking to rural highways.  BIG mistake. 26’ ft U-haul straddles a lot of lane.  And the hills were a pain too.

I thought keep it to side roads myself, then it was worse because of parked cars. Survived it thought with a new respect for the drivers of the big rigs.

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