Bicycle Wheel On Car

Known a couple Jedi Wheel builders, but none who would attempt to attach a bicycle wheel to a car and would most likely ask, “Why?,” but Bill Mould decided to do that. See the results in the video and that’s one strong wheel.


You all realize this not a new idea right?  That cars had spoked wheels (albeit with heavier shorter spokes than we use on bicycles today) until well after the second world war?

And what’s more, just holding up the car is (as shown in the video) not so big a deal.  Side loads at right angles to the wheel with a 2 ton vehicle at speed are a much more serious issue - basically, it would be unwise (and perhaps illegal) to leave the parking lot….

This guy, is quite literally, reinventing the car wheel….  That’s OK, so long as nobody is confused….


Well sure….probably why they didn’t outfit the car with 4 spoked wheels too.

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