Bicycle Speedometer Concept

The gadget and design blogs posted on Redfish Creative’s Bicycle Speedometer concept over the weekend and whether or not the idea actually goes into production, it demontrates how the electronic accessories market hasn’t caught up to the urban aesthetic.


Image: Redfish

Leather, stainless, automotive style dials with click counters to replace the boring LEDs we use now? Sure and we’d welcome that because what we’re using is based on late 90s designs from Avocet, Cateye et al. Sure we’ve got power, heart rate, and more but the bicycle computer is essentially the same.


Photo: Wikipedia

Extend that to lights and a family of products that would match your bespoke bike and maybe you’re onto something. What have we seen in updated accessories with a modern design aesthetic besides:

  • Minipumps that function more like a shakeweight than a pump,
  • Various water bottle systems and a new one with two caps
  • Silicon-wrapped LEDs that resemble kids Croc’s with a flashlight lodged in them?

If not the Porsche design studio style, could go to a Steampunky Home Depot DIY vibe with galvanized pipe and PVC or use your phone that talks to a sensor.

What would a redesigned bicycle computer look like to you?

Via Wired, Core77.


wait, how is an analog face going to be more useful to me than a digital display?  if you’re constantly making the paceline speed yo-yo because your dial spedometer is graded for 5mph increments, i’m going to punch you in the face. humans aren’t Porsche engines; there’s no need for a clock face tachometer because humans just don’t rocket all over the rev (cadence) range like a car engine. 

i think that a more useful pursuit would be the incorporation of touchscreen features like modern smart phones.  screens will become bigger while the overall size of the unit will stay about the same, and the user interface will improve.  maybe colour coded ranges for heart-rate, cadence, power.  dials just take up too much space.

screw leather warp, every urban fashion lemming knows that the most stylish cyclometer is a step down from the absence of a cyclometer.

Dude, racers do that now trying to ride their wattage with the Power Meters set to calculate every 5 seconds—up, down, surging, and coasting and stopping to check their settings. 

The style is the point for the Velocouture, not the function. What accessories even hint at an aesthetic that isn’t based on a 1992 Cateye?

Automotive style dials?

I prefer the ‘80s (not ‘90s) style cycle computers over the ‘70s cycle speedometers.

Hmmm… can’t embed images- bicycle speedometer

Though I guess you can use your brake disc to drive the speedo cable…

Mark V got it.  Style is no speedometer on your bike.  It’s not particularly useful for most people, anyways.

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