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spank%20bike.jpg I love Japanese bicycle products. My current obsession is the high-flange Dura Ace track hubset, the 7600-series. But there’s some crazy stuff to be found in Japan. Like this bicycle from a company called “Spank”. I’ve always wanted a “Spank bike”.
A friend of mine bought a Japanese-made truing stand, and it included a white card of plastic to sit below the guide to make the gap ‘tween the guide and rim more visible. The manual stated that it was “for to use in the dark situation”. For years we’ve laughed about the sinister “dark situation’, imagining that it must be some sort demonic curse, like being chased by Jesuit ninjas or something even worse…


Take the brand listed on a folding bike with a grain of salt, as others have observed the brand listed may not actually indicate the manufacturer.  I’m not sure if people are just sticking them for their own amusement or what.  None of the folding bikes in the Tokyo shops were branded Jeep or Chevy, they all carried the manufacturer brand.

for that matter, in Japan i’ve seen a number of bikes branded Bianchi that sold in the states or europe under different brand names ( birdie, for instance).  really, these bikes are largely made in china and taiwan no matter what they are branded in Japan, the usa, europe, or whatever.  i’ve never thought that there was an actual factory called “Spank”…..however, that would be even funnier, now that i think of it….imagine if I worked for SPANK…I’d be a SPANK worker or SPANK MECHANIC.  Or if I worked as a SPANK dealer…SWEET!…”hey, mister, you looking for a Spank? i got one right here for ya”

My fav was the holmes label, that was a illustration of john holmes. Also, who could forget Lance’s ti-litespeed trek, or all those wheels the pros ride in the alps. Possibly the worst is clothes and cycling gear — little of that, as I understand it, is made where the label says.

Soon I will have my driver’s license and plan to buy a Naked (from Daihatsu). If I find a Spank it would make a perfect match.

I will to import bite in my country that is why I have contacted you. I am really interested in doing business with you.

Has anyone ever heard of Mustang as a brand of road bike?  It was bought new in 1973, but has no serial number that I can find on the frame.  The mustang logo above the fork has two horse heads side by side, with “Sport Cycle” written inside six atom-style rings below the seatpost.


Do you have photos you can upload to a site and share or email us?

hey does anyone know how I can get in contact with Spank bicycles?

Try [this site](, but I don’t think that’s the same Spank as the one in Japan.

Just back from Japan and sighted a trend that I knew nothing of,can anyone help? Mag wheels were a big thing on fixed wheel bikes and loud colored rims,all shades and colors totally out of sight.

most likely you were seeing Aerospoke composite wheels. They are available in the US too.

Those wheels have been around for years, but the fixie crowd has taken to them because of their practical attributes: tough, clincher, relatively inexpensive.  And the custom colours.

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