Bettie Big Dummy

That’s Bettie loaded up with a Big Dummy Frameset for transport to the bike shop – the light filtered in through the garage windows from a bright Spring day



Isn’t that like making her dig her own grave? A little cruel don’t you think?

Naw cause it’s like a makeover. Same Bettie with a new frame. We’re working on other updates and a couple possible surprises.

Not to get all philosophical on you, but that brings up an interesting question, how much of a bike can you change and still have it be the “same” bike. In my mind the frame has always been “the” bike, and thus all other components could come and go without considering it a new bike. Of course on Betty, you might argue that the extracycle and stoke monkey are the key components and that the frame just is a platform for the rest of the vehicle.

Deep… Maybe somebody could initiate a Socratic dialog to help me straighten this out.

I’ve had this hammer for a long time, and I’ve only replaced the handle twice and the head once.

Appreciate the responses and it’s our intent to sell the frame and Xtracycle to a fellow cyclist and if someone wanted Bettie as is, we’d love to see it go to a good home. We’re less attached to the psychical aspects than the concept. We put lots of energy into Bettie and rewardingly that all came back at us. 2.0 is intended as a rev, an improvement from what we’re learned and it’s very much Bettie. If someone were to buy it and we built, say, “Melinda,” well that’s cool as well.

We’re not starting any of it until after Shanghai.

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