Before Stickers There Were Streamers

In 1913, Brownie impressed all with her stunning, streamer-decorated bike. Expectedly, Ms. Wallace did NOT approve of such frivolity.

Studio photograph of Annie Dawson Wallace seated on a bicycle - Sydney, NSW, 1899

Uploaded by State Library of New South Wales collection | more from the Bike Hugger Photostream.


Keith Byrd was doing streamers in the 70s.


Ahhh… the gold ol’ days!  Where’s my banana seat!  That 70’s pic of Keith reminded me of the orange flag I had on my old Schwinn.. did I think that was cool?  Or, maybe my parents made me bolt it on?  Sooooo long ago..  Good times, thanks for the pics!!

Richard La China


I’m afraid Ms Wallace would have some serious issues with the sound of playing cards in my spokes.

I had clothespins and baseball cards attached to my bike for sure. No streamers though.

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