Beer for your Adventure Ride

wish those signs said BEER AHEAD

Wish those signs said BEER AHEAD!

During Reba’s ride, at times my mind wondered to smooth pavement. I fantasized about a ribbon of black asphalt with predictable white lines, instead of a washboarded moonscape with sharp rocks and cattle guards. I also thought about a gooey plate of nachos instead of the jersey pocket full of Gu Chomps. I wanted a beer and not another sip of a fizzy electrolyte drink too.

Beer in a bottle

Beer in the bottle don’t work

We all know beer in a bottle cage isn’t going to work so well or carrying a six-pack/half rack/pony keg on your big adventure ride. Without a store nearby, what’s a beer-drinking adventure cyclist supposed to do? That’s what Pat from Backcountry Beverages thought too and out of necessity, invented a beer concentrate and bottle fizzer. Check the video for how the Co2 is activated like a shake weight. How’s it taste? We haven’t tried it, but Pat’s process produces a high alcohol content and that’s not something we’ve got the taste for after a very long ride or a black IPA. A fine pils or lager? Absolutely yes. No word on how Pat keeps the beer cold, maybe just drop the bottle into a river for a while.

Beer concentrate

Beer concentrate, mmmm beer


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