Reader Chris L tipped us to the BauBike

“inspired by Bauhaus design. It is constructed around the geometric shape of the square and the equilateral triangle. The design is stripped down to clean lines and raw material.


SpongeBob Squarebike jokes aside, we’re always interested in pushing bike design, but would have concerns about the rideability of square shapes v. triangles. Especially when you add a passenger. This bike will make the design blog rounds, for it’s looks. When a designer unifies art, craft, and technology, we hope that results in a good ride.


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It seems to me that the bike has totally missed the point of modernism and the ethos of the Bauhaus, which dictates that form should follow function. 

We didn’t want to outright diss, as the designer maybe onto something, but I’d think it would taken the bumps so good. On the other hand, check the [Pilen Concept](

I agree; this doesn’t look like it would be very comfortable to ride. If the goal was exposure though, the designer definitely got it. This concept was spreading around the various design blogs like wildfire.

Art and craft are combined, sure,but it’s not like they are polar opposites. Technology, not so much. That lack of down tube is going to affect rigidity, unless the other tubes are just super heavy duty. It’s not that easy to beat the structural efficiency of the diamond frame and round tubes usually beat square in torsional rigidity.

But is it horizontally stiff and vertically compliant?

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