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Jennifer asked

Hey! I have a Globe Live 2 mixte with a front rack/porteur basket, which I love. Now that it’s getting dark earlier, I’m stumped on front lights. I tried a handlebar mounted light (until my 5 year old broke it), but the basket got in the way of it lighting the street. I tried a Blackburn flea strapped to the front fork, but the basket again blocked my vision of the lighted street. I feel like a light mounted on the front of the basket would be ideal, but I need help finding one that will fit, as the bar is thinner than standard handlebars. Any help?

Good question. We’ve got the same problem with the Bettie. It’s got a honking-huge, girly wicker basket on the front. What we use is a Princeton Tec and set it up high on the bar. It clears the basket. They don’t make the model we’ve got anymore, but you maybe able to try a headmount style light and weave the band through the front of the basket.

Bettie with Basket

Readers? Any suggestions for Jennifer?


I have found that many of the handlebar mount lights can be clamped to the fork below the basket. This requires a light that has some side to side adjustment as well as a symmetric beam. Since the light will be mounted sideways and will need the adjustment to allow it to point down at the roadway. Or one can use an auxiliary mount off the fork like a simple one made by Paul Component Engineering, or on the handlebars, Minoura and Topeak make extensions brackets that position the light above the basket.

Paul also makes a stem cap mount that might give some extra clearance over the basket.  To a five-year old, however, a stem cap mount might look like a pommel, so might not be the best fix here…

zip ties?

Not to shamelessly promote my own writing, but we wrote an article about this very thing a couple years ago.  For me, a length of 1” PVC zip-tied to the front of the basket was the dealmaker.

Velo Orange sells those little things that replace the nut on a Q/R skewer to allow light attachment down there.  It’s a bit too low for a light, in my experience, but may be useful.

I can’t find the exact product right now, but I’ve seen an extension that mounts to the top of a threadless headtube (coming up out of the top of your stem) then “T"s to give two mounting points for lights, computers, etc…There’s also one from Minoura, and I believe Topeak as mentioned. These both mount to the handlebars and are adjustable for max rise to get your light above the basket rim. Or if all else fails, go with a helmet mount.

Purely Custom makes a cap adapter for threadless headsets that is somewhat similar to what barefootrambling is describing:

I had exactly the same problem. Ultimately I found a mount that attaches to my fork and lets me mount the light on the fork under the basket. It has the nice side effect of illuminating a bit of the front wheel making the bike more visible from the side.

Here is the URL

It’s the Minoura Bésso LH-50 Fork Mount LT103 (bottom of the page).

Topeak bar extender mentioned above should clear a basket. More info from Topeak or Amazon has more pics. There are similar product from other companies.

I have a Globe Live 2 (standard frame), and also suffered the same troubles. The solution is very simple though, as the basket may have a small diameter tube, but it isn’t too small for shims. I shimmed the tube on the front of the basket up using strips of rubber epoxied together, that keeps them in one piece if you pull the mount off the bike, and also stiffens them to keep the light from wiggling around.

You could skip epoxying and just build up a little rubber, adding a layer or two of strong tape (like hockey tape) on top would also help hold it all in and make it a little stiffer. It isn’t absolutely perfect, but it lets you put a handlebar mounted light right there in the optimal spot.

Here’s a photo for an idea of how it goes:

I used a Cygolite Mitycross. Partially chosen because out of all the lights lying about, it was the brightest, but also because of how it sits in front of the light bracket as opposed to above it - that way, it doesn’t sit in the basket, and won’t be hit by anything loaded into it. It’s also a very good light! I used to use it while mountain biking and have had it for a long while. As you can see by the paint missing on the side of the light, it’s met a few rocks here and there and has held up well.

If you put a light there, just pick one that won’t stick into the basket while riding and all should be well :)

Next lighting project for this bike is going to be to mount a Supernova e3 dynamo light in a similar spot underneath the basket. Thinking about fixing an L bracket underneath the basket straight to the wooden deck on the underside, and using that like it was a fork crown mount.

It would be nice if Globe had a handlebar sized bit there at the front of the basket for convenience, as well as a forward facing threaded eyelet or otherwise to act as a fork crown mount. Considering all of the other places on the bike that they paid attention to details and convenience, i’m surprised it was overlooked.

I know most of the more powerful lights mount on the bike somewhere, but I like having a light I can point mounted on my helmet. I daresay that light would clear the basket!

Also, if you’re not proud or stylish or cool in any way, here’s a method for doing it Cheap and Freaky.

How about this solution? It’s a common one as lots of people here have big baskets and crates up front. Me included :)

not to promote myself but my crates sit lower then the handle bars and have coffee cup holder. i have prototype crate for the live right now just need to test it out. a few people have ordered the classic crate for the live and say they fit just fine.

I had the same problem.  I have found that either the Paul Components mount (  or the Issimo NOB will work well.
I currently have a NOB XL ( on my front fork with a Planet Bike light.  I also use a blinky light on my helmet.
So far so good.

I had the same problem.  My solution was the Nob that mounts to the fork then I attach the light and its mount there.  Read the Peter White Cycles pages about lights and mounts and you can find which mount works best for you.  The extra handlebar mount wasn’t as good for me since I have batteries in my light that would’ve made it too heavy.  The site has alot of mounts, pictures, etc.  Good luck.

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