I’m taking a step back for 2011. I’ve been racing and training consistently for the past 10+ years. I made it to Category 1, raced Elite Nationals, and had a great time with great teammates. Each year for the past 10 I’ve gotten a new team race bike: Trek 5500 (3), 5900 (2), Madones (3) then Scott Addicts (2). This year, because of my “retirement”, I decided that I was going to buy my “ultimate” bike. I talked with a couple of people about options and what I intend to use it for and ended up going with a Ti S&S Coupler race bike. Fully loaded with SRAM RED and HED Stinger’s it’s just over 16lb.


Ti has a bit of a bad name from the mid-90s “noodles” that were out there, but from what I rode recently I was pretty confident I’d be ok. Geoff at BARON Bicycles worked with me to make sure the ride was stout and it’s turned out just great. He even let me design the paint-scheme. I’m sold on the wide-rim concept so I’m going to roll clincher HED Ardennes for most riding and bring out the Stingers for racing - I’m taking a step back…not FULLY retiring ;)

BARON Ti Couplers

I plan on putting the Couplers to use and actually traveling a bit with my bike again. I’m signed up for Le Etape du Tour and staying for the week in the Alps.

More to come as I get more miles on the new BARON. If you’re interested in ordering one for the holidays or putting that bonus check to work - Geoff can help you out: Contact BARON.


My Litespeed Classic of years ago was one of the best bikes I’ve ever owned and it’s literally been around the world with me.

About six years ago I had it converted to S+S couplings. Great choice. It came with me on a number of great trips and then when I got a Bike Friday it became my wife’s bike.

Now it’s been reborn as the bike to pull my new son’s trailer. I had Force put on it with SRAM mtb gearing in the back (for the hills here).

I’m bringing back [the Hotspur](/tag/hotspur) for 11, a fav bike.

Sweet ride Andrew! I recently put my 1st gen ‘94 Litespeed Ultimate back into service aft a 10 year hiatus riding AL & CF bikes and I’ve been totally digging the ride.

I’m really looking forward to getting it out there and off the rollers. 

I remember when I worked in a shop, there were a ton of lower-cost Ti frames where the bottom bracket would flex a couple cm to either side.  I can’t budge mine.  Pretty stout build with oversized stays.

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