Bahati Chop

In stock car racing, they bump and with bikes it’s chopping

Bahati loses his cool and throws his glasses at the “chopper” train

And another chop

The racing community does not approve of chopping, as you can read here on United Healthcare’s blog and in the forums. Throwing your glasses into a race not ok either.

These pros have got more on the line than we do. Tempers do flare. Moto asks if some racers are punch magnets. In recent history, there’s the the Gaggioli 2 x 4 incident, a Cross Nationals head punch, and another incident that got Scott Mercer suspended (bottom of page).

I’ve seen some sketch shit in the lower categories, but nothing so flagrant: bumping, elbows, and yelling sure.


From the (apparently deleted) blog post and other comments it sounds like UHC is taking the we-didn’t-do-anything-but-he-did-it-first defense so popular with pubescent children.

I blame circuit riding. Maybe it’s great for audiences, but road racers have to save their energy for the next hundred miles of the course.

They did delete the post. Well, it went like this, “you suck for doing that.” I haven’t met Bahati, but have seen him race and I’m sure he regrets throwing his glasses like that.

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