Bahamas: Good Roads

Readers that have followed us for a while, know we ride all over and it’s not very often cars give us courtesy honks, plenty of room, and the local cyclists wave enthusiastically. As I noted in the previous Bahamas post, we didn’t expect a bike-friendly Island or new paved roads.


This stretch went on for several few miles. Eventually, we turned back towards the airport and resorts.


so was it several miles or a few miles!?!?  or maybe several few means several (5-7) sets of a few (3) miles…

That specific road isn’t on [Google Maps](,-77.470093&spn=0.085548,0.153637&z=13) (the map is linked in the post) that I could find or it’s not named. We didn’t have computers with us, but it’s about 3 miles. The total route was 20 miles and is mostly this route via [MapMyRide](

That new road bypass a golf course/resort being constructed and connects back to Coral Harbour Rd. Note that we rode it on a holiday weekend and it likely has more traffic during the week or will when that resort opens.

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