Back in Seattle

I’m back in Seattle after 17hrs in airports and planes. My two checked bags were 110 lbs total weight, but I managed to sweet talk my way out paying any baggage fees at all on the domestic connection out of LAX. And the flights were in no way booked together!

Short thanks to Aberdeen Tours (US) with Edison Tours (TW) for such a great tour and logistics, and China Airlines (TW) for smooth flights, and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau for sponsoring the tour. I’ll bring the Huggas up to speed on the rest of the tour in the next couple of days. Gotta decompress right now.

Until then here’s a shot that Cyclelicious took of me at the China Airlines check-in, Taipei. As you can see, I didn’t just stuff my prized Catlike helmet into check baggage, nor was I content to strap it to my carry-on. If you drop the big coin on a styrofoam brain bucket, your helmet is safest on your head.

at check-in China Airlines.jpg


and if your plane crashes, the media will be able to report that, at least, one of the cyclists was wearing his helmet.

i could just imagine if the plane had crashed out of the sky and everyone died, someone would have to ask, “well, were they wearing helmets?”

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