Back in Maui

We’re back in Maui for Winter Break, training, and riding the last batch of big miles before racing season starts. We rode yesterday and unlike the last trip, it didn’t rain on us – woohoo. We also discovered a new bike path!


I’m riding a new set of Hed wheels while here and will report on those later.


A friend of mine is headed to Maui real soon and wants to cycle while there instead of renting a car. Can you hook him up with any resources?

I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about those wheels.  I’ve been thinking about picking up a new wheelset and I don’t feel like I’m ready for carbon without looking like I’m riding too much bike. :P

There are so many sensations going on with the new Ardennes, that I’ll ride them more to condense it down into a few sentences. Straight up, they roll and feel bombproof over rough roads.

Will you be in Oahu? Let me know. Next weekend is the Makaha TT on Sunday, but I am free to ride Saturday. I plan on riding home from the TT as well. Get a cheep flight and get over here. Lots of great riding.



Maui offers exceptional riding and also lots of traffic and cars in town. Maui is car centric and that’s made worse by the tourists. All the good riding we do, really starts out of town either upcountry or towards Hana or the Banana Bread stand.
I’ve got video I’m editing, showing a ride from the airport - not recommended but doable. What’s important is situational awareness; by that I mean, you’re riding on full alert around town. The locals are bike aware, the tourists are worried about finding a parking spot and not giving you 3 feet.

So, you can ride right from the airport and get around all over Maui on relatively safe roads, but do not expect cars to observe a cyclist’s right of way in the bike lane that flows into a right turn lane—get out of the lane and into traffic, then back in the lane.

Whenever I’m in Maui traffic, I behave like a car: I’m in the lane, not hugging the curb, being seen, and being aggressive. Outside of the traffic, and out in the country, I’m on the white line, singling up when cars pass, and waving at any local I see. Check this post for the [Maui Bike Shops](, which are both very good.

Just yesterday, a local showed me a road I hadn’t ridden that was an absolute downhill blast with no cars! Your friend should see cyclists that can help find the way.

Highway 36 (crosses the Island) also has a new bike path that runs almost the entire length. He could ride out of the airport, into town (full alert), onto 36 and to wherever he needs to go.


We’re on Oahu on Saturday and ready to ride in the afternoon.

Great! See you on Saturday. There are a couple of rides on our calendar at, or we can do our own thing. See you Saturday.


On Oahu you have to do the Tantalis climb.  Amazing views up there!

That would be a good one for Saturday (Tantalus), or maybe a spin from Kapiolani Fountain to Waiminalo via Maunalua Bay, Sandy Beach, and Makpuu with a stop at the Farmers Market for baked corn. mmmmmmm

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