Axalko Wood Bikes

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Less gimmicky than comfort carbon

We haven’t been that interested in wood bikes, until now, with the Bat from Axalko. Check their #makebikes process in the video and the finger joints.

A blogger rode the Bat and noted how well it did on the cobbles around a train station. If there’s a marketing play against comfort carbon, then this wood is the one to do it.

The frames look like modern race bikes.

But the Basque know their market is more than the sportive rider and also offer a folding, e-bike.

folding wood

Motorized folding wood


Nothing at all remarkable about the finger joints. It’s a standard router bit that you can buy for less than $100 from Rockler. What I found most interesting was the chainstay attachment and also the seat cluster area. Both were simple yet elegant solutions. Wood in general, and Ash in particular, is a pretty amazing material.

Agreed and I think the video indicates that the the ash “tubes” are hollow.

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