Attention Luggage Screener!

Not only can Mark V outpack me, and has traveled with his bike like ten thousand more times than me, but he’s got this pictogram in his S&S case as an anti-TSA device. I’ve formally requested a copy. It illustrates to the person opening the case in some dank airport basement somewhere, how to reassemble the case with the compression members intact. The two disks and a piece of plastic pipe are also known as the pizza box things (from the plastic thingies that prevent the box lid from smashing your pie).

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You’re missing the part where the sign reads :



oh yes and check the [larger photo size]( for the cutaway showing how the assembly is done.

thanks for the idea - i have an SNS-equipped touring bike being built as we speak, and plan on taking a few trips in April with it. i’ll have to remember something like this.


Please tell us about the bike you’re building up. Other tips include:

* Use toe straps to tie the bike, wheels, and parts together. That secures them and also a psychological reinforcement to the screener that this box is all packed together with thought and care
* S&S netting—the netting serves no purpose other than to keep screeners from poking around
* Never tell the counter attendant that you’re carrying a bike. When asked, use some vague answer like, ” oh it’s just stuff I carry around.” Or “photo equipment,” “instruments,” or “conference gear.”

Also, for me at least, is to accept scratches, dings, and damage as a *travel patina*. It’s remarkable how much damage the S&S case can take and the bike does get beat up. I arrived in Austin with the Brompton and the plastic protective chainring 1/2 torn off and just rode it like that as “well, whatever . . . I deal with that when I get back.”

Mark and I both confirmed that no two packs are the same. Sometime, the pack flows and it’s a thing of beauty. Other times, it’s just not working. I think it’s way worse, depending on jet lag and sleep deprivation.

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