Atomic 22 Security Fasteners

cnc bolts

Interesting product from Atomic 22, like wheel locks for your bike parts and each bolt/key is unique. Don’t know what the theft rates of stems, cranks, and such are, but securing your saddle and wheels in an urban area has some value. Of course, for the expected price of replacing all those bolts, you could get a folding bike and bring it inside. Also, hope you don’t lose the key(s) and the company has a long life.

Clicking through Atomic 22’s site, I think they may have figured out a way to CNC bolts with a unique pattern and decided to deploy their tech with bike parts. What other uses exist for their tech, not sure, but it seems promising.


Was just about to get some Pitlocks until I found this .. seems they don’t work ..

Looks like a well implemented system.

I’ve been working on my own locking track nuts for standard threaded axles. I’ve had a few iterations in use for two years. Now I just need to man-up and put my design on kickstarter.

Whoah, just found the prices… the keepawheel wheel locks will be way way cheaper.

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