Arrived Down Under

Rolling out in SydneyI’ve made it to the land of Oz. It’s pretty nice down here (85+), and I’m hoping to really get out for some exploring now that I’ve settled into my home base in Brisbane. Sydney was NOT a bike town. I rode for an hour up and down the same street - mostly because I was afraid of getting lost, but also because it was the only street I found that had any sort of a shoulder to it. I couldn’t imagine trying to get around Sydney on bike alone. Commuting to work there would be a challenge for sure.


You shoulda looked up some Sydney bike bloggers. We coulda shown you it’s perfectly doable :)


Link those bloggers up

I used to Visit Taipei Taiwan and ran into the same situation. The problem got solved by making sure I before i left the hotel to go riding, i had the hotel write me up a note on the back of the hotels biz card (in Chinese) instructions for the taxi driver- the taxi driver would read it and take me right back tot he hotel.

This may not apply to you, but worked great for me. Have fun!

Byronius! Another Byron Bike Blogger!

Damo’s right. Sydney is just fine.

I just got back from a roll around Brisbane.  I’m not sure if it’s the common bike lanes, or the wide roads or what, but it just gives the opinion that it is far more bike-friendly.  I’m sure it’s easy to navigate Sydney, but it wasn’t transparent to me.  I’ll be emailing Damian for some hints before I head back south.

Didn’t mean to start a “my city” war, just calling it as I saw it.  One things for sure - Sydney is a beautiful city.

I just spent a couple of months in Australia in Melbourne.  I am from Colorado, usa… I must admit, I was amazed at how un-bike-friendly the roads are given the incredibly large popularity of bike racing in that place.  There are no highways or fly-overs for cars, so all the cars travel on the regular streets, making it a crowded nightmare to ride a bike (and hell trying to get from one end of the city to the other in a car)... the roads also have a stoplight for every single intersection or side street, no matter how insignificant.. and u cant legally make a left turn on a red light even if no cars are coming.. a very very restrictive environment for bike riding, let alone a fast training ride/race…

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