Around the World in 91 Days on a Bike

A remarkable achievement today from Mike Hall, who travelled 24,900 miles and biked 18,000 of them through 20 countries and four continents. That’s 200 miles a day. He did it by traveling light and stopping to eat at places like McDonalds. He won the World Cycle Race Grand Tour, shattered the previous record, AND it was his birthday.

He did it on a disc brake road bike.

world record badness


Read more about Mike’s ride on and his blog.

Are the randonneurs in the house debating this?


Race Status Finished
Last Update Rec’d 11:59:59 AM (GMT) 06/04/12
Current speed 9.4 kph
SPOT Distance covered 26190.99 km
Moving Time 77:13:15
Stopped Time 29:13:38
Moving Average Speed 39.7 kph


It’s not a diet for the W/kg boost you need to get from DNF to mid-pack finishes.

Endurance guys love jelly donuts, though. They’ll take any energy-dense way to get the fat, protein, carbs, and electrolytes they need to stay fueled. Good luck burning 8000 calories a day on salad.

@champ totally and I asked Kent Peterson from Kent’s bike blog to dig up that post on what endurance athletes eat. It’s not people would expect. Also, Mickey Ds are everywhere. He probably even just rode up through the drive through, stuffed his face, and rode on. 200KM a day! What others are wondering, besides his eating, was those wheels…. really? In the Sahara?

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