Another motorist and cyclist accident in Seattle

I was waiting for more details on the latest motorist and cyclist collision in Seattle before posting. While the cause is still unclear, reporter Amy Rolph updated the story today with a footnote …

Wednesday’s accident was the latest in a chain involving motorists and cyclists in the city. More than 900 cyclists have been injured in Seattle since 2001, and five have been killed. Two of those deaths happened last year.

I don’t know exactly what’s causing these crashes and deaths, but hopefully the Master Plan will address it. I maybe naive, but when I’m in Portland and see all the bike lanes, I think that’s got to make a huge difference and hope that the city can get out there and paint more lanes.

Also, sometime in Seattle’s future, the city planners may think of ways to de-emphasize the car and make the city full of transportation alternatives.


Cascade Bicycle Club forums have a good thread on this.  From the google-maps detective work by the readers there, it seems the cop was likely at fault.  It’ll be interesting to see where this one goes.

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