An interrupted commute

A sinkhole will ruin a commute every-time! Bike Month Day Two in Seattle was interrupted by a massive sink hole under the south end of University Bridge.

I talked to a couple of cyclists from Redfin that just missed the sinkhole. Anyone see that happen?


The Seattle PI updates the Sinkhole story with photos and the blogs are posting.



Man, if we could just get car-eating sinkholes all over the city, they might actually do something worthwhile with bike master plan!

Seriously, the closure really wrecks my “hurry, you only have time for a 50 minute ride” loop.

Ha! And you could build an elevated path right over that big sinkhole. I was out commuting with Pam and the surface streets seemed slammed—also did see lots of cyclists as well.

I may have just missed the craziness in the morning but caught it full bore in the afternoon.  There were indications in the paper and on RPIN that we were going to be able to get across for the evening commute but it was blocked off for blocks before you could even get close to the bridge. Had to go all the way over to montlake and then back.  Crazy

It could’ve been a bunny hop of doom! Not unlike San Francisco’s overpass collapse, when one thing fails with our grid here in Seattle it’s a mess. Hopefully all those motorists sitting in cars, watched bikes zip on by and thought that they could do that as well.

About the craziness… I’m normally pretty law-abiding, but I wasn’t about to sit in huge lines of cars just because they were all too stupid to park and ride. I was zipping up the side and through the two sets of light before they could move a single car length. It felt great.

Totally non zen, but when I used to commute from to the east side and back, I’d jeer cars crawling along i-90.

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