Alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians and psychotic clowns!

rocket_bike.jpg Cyclecide, the alter-bike mechanics, mariachi-punk musicians and psychotic clowns freak bike rodeo is coming to Seattle to ride the 11th Annual Downhill & Messenger Challenge and make an appearance at Bumbershoot.

That just make the ridiculously-priced Bumbershoot worth one day. I’d also like to see Cyclecide go ripping right through the Tour de Fat Seattle, like a scene from Road Warrior, ‘cept the treasure is beer instead of fuel … ride that rocket bike right down the Burke-Gilman Trail – hooah that’d rule.

Anyone seen Cyclecide?


I saw Cyclecide in Portland a couple of years ago; I think it was at the Tour de Fat. Nice psycho-mariachi freaks, those guys. Glad to hear they’ll be making an appearance here.

It’s great news, thought I’m terrified of clowns; especially, psychotic ones . . .

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