Abio Folding Belt Drive

On test is an Abio Verdion, a folding bike with a belt drive. Interestingly, this bike was spec’d with parts I’ve never seen before from Shimano, including a thumb/button shifter and 4-speed Nexus.


We’ve had this bike for a while here at Hugga HQ, but didn’t take it out of the box until the weather cleared and the roads finally got swept.

What the bike doesn’t offer in more refined folding (e.g., Dahon, Brompton), it makes up for in drivetrain options – a belt or shaft. The folding mechanism doesn’t include a magnet or latch to hold it together, so the cyclist will need to keep it against their bodies or have a toe strap handy for bus and train rides. It does fold/unfold quickly with secure hinges for safety and the frame was sturdy enough.

Under load, the belt slipped a bit, but just riding around it was OK and think that’s what this bike was intended to do, without getting grease on your pant legs.

At suggested retail price of $790.00, the Abio is offering an alternative drivetrain for the money and that should appeal to urban cyclists.

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Thanks for the review - Byron!

Just a quick correction…The folding mechanism actually has a latch that keeps the bike in folded position.  This prevents it from opening when you’re carrying it or as it sits in a bus or train.

Both folding mechanisms (one on the frame & one on the handle-post) have the latch.  In fact, it also serves as a “safety” lock that keeps the bike ‘together’ (albeit loose) when it’s unfolded.  This is just a secondary safety option in (for whatever reason), the rider forgets to lock the quick-release lever.

Safety features 2 for 1!

That would explain why it was so hard to get apart! Thanks for the clarification and noted.

Sorry forgot to mention to you that to address the belt slippage, there are 2 bolts on the bottom bracket to adjust the tension of the belt.  That takes care of any slippage.

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