A Wireless Bicycle Brake

Computer scientist Holger Hermanns presented a wireless bicycle brake at Saarland University this week.

wireless brakes

Computer scientists at Saarland University developed a wireless bicycle brake and demonstrated its efficiency on a cruiser bike. Furthermore, they confirmed the brake system’s reliability through mathematical calculations that are also used in control systems for aircraft or chemical factories. They achieved 99.999999999997 reliability.

To brake, a cyclist clenches a rubber grip on the right handle and the tighter the grip, the harder the braking force. From their success, Hermanns is already envisioning an anti-lock braking system and traction control. Electronic shifting is already on the market with Di2. Parlee, DeepLocal, and Prius demonstrated a brain shifter earlier this year. Besides, there’s likely an after-market to upgrade no-brake fixes with wireless brakes.


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