A Team Bike

team bike Sent to us in a couple different emails, is the drinking bike. Fill that keg with Bike Hugger Brown, pedal around, singing drinking songs, and you’re having big bike fun!

Alternatively, you could put a keg in the middle of the conference bike, work out your team’s goals for the year while building a strong team dynamic – just don’t bogart that keg tap hommie.

(Does anyone know the origin of the photo?)


Thanks to Nathan for commenting that the bike is a Pedal Pub – a party on wheels that’s pedal-powered, seats 16, and tops out at 5 miles per hour.


Betty 2.0!

PedalPub.com - I can’t wait for them to get that thing to Chicago.  Imagine the implications for critial mass and the Friday commute home.  :-)

awesomest bike ever.

until ellsworth comes out with a dually team drinking bike.  brakes must be a nightmare though.

Ellsworth is right and drive it with a Nuvinci hub!

The Pedal Pub came to Minneapolis and was available for free test rides on March 31.  Its developers, Henk and Zwier van Laar of the Netherlands were on hand to explain their inspiration (ten years back) to build the first of these things.  “Well, we were in a bar…”

We rode it back and forth across the Mississippi River.  Videos on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/velomobiling (look for the “fietscafe” playlist). 

It’s single-speed, with a central driveshaft driven by 10 chains with freewheels.  You don’t have to pedal, but if you do, you have to pedal the same speed as everyone else.  Maximum speed is about 5 mph.  It’s very slow uphill.

Not quite as heavy duty as the pedal pub, but here’s my take on the mobile keg:


I call it the Draught Horse.



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