A Spoke Poke

After seeing my workbench, Mark V said

You need a Spoke Poke.

A spoke poke is an indispensable tool found at better bike shops. It’s a spoke bent into a tool shape with a sharpened tip. This one time, a spoke poke was used to retrieve a broken piece of carbon out of a carbon wheel. That’s just one of its many uses.


Spoke poke with protective tip


Kebab skewer for when we grill. Also works for roasting marshmallows.

Pipe cleaner.

At Bikesmith and ABR that was always known as a LPT (long pointy thing)

Pardon me if I have reservations about using a carbon wheel serviced to have broken bits of carbon removed.

That wheel didn’t last long around Hugga HQ—it’s not uncommon for bits of carbon weave to flake off at the valve stem hole; especially with the old Zip 404s and their derivatives.

um, for those of you normal people reading this…a spoke poke is used to clear the opening in freshly cut cable housing mostly. the 2nd most common use is picking glass out of tire casing (this is #1 for home mechanics).

i make spoke pokes hella sharp, hence the protective tip for the one i gave Byron (mainly so it wouldn’t puncture my bag on the way to his house).  the square end improves the ergonomics and makes a convenient hanging hook.

Byron got a spoke poke because i needed to re-route some housing on a bike in his garage.

why you buzzkilling our spoke poke post? bad day at the office?

The star on my christmas tree is supported by a spoke zip-tied to the tree “trunk”.

I use it for clearing cables mostly.

I’m a bit conflicted about how you guys talk about little bits of shop culture here. On the one hand I think it gives a wonderful insight into how we as shop folks work. I mean a Pokie Spoke is one of the most useful tools on a work bench but most non-shop folks would probably see it and think “what the hell do they do with that?”
On the other hand I feel like you guys make me let go of some sacred piece of info that just doesn’t need to be in the public’s eye…no pun intended….spot light would have been better there I think.
All kidding aside, I love that you share these little insights into the world of a bike shop. I think that even to most serious enthusiasts it’s a pretty cool thing to see and learn about.

I didn’t mention in the post that the spoke poke had a custom protective tip! I’ve seen them corked, but not with a tip.

I was bringing some humor to a shop tool and I have seen them used for various uses, including the remarkable carbon flake save.

Thanks for the comment.

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