A perfect cup

For me at least, all good rides (even bad ones) begin with good coffee. When traveling, I take grounds with me and a Bodum Travel Press. At home, I use a Rancilio Espresso Machine and mix up the coffee using Lavazza, Illy, Cafe Mauro the occasional Bustelo, and Batdorf and Bronson ground for me by Alki Mail (where we ship all the Clip-n-Seals and Bike Hugger shirts).

What do you brew? Some crazy chai drink? Straight up espresso? Snort nodoze, or beer bong red bull?


That photo makes me wanna weep I love crema like that.

Coffee is good ok great. I live on the stuff.

I have worked in multiple coffeehouses and even helped open one. I have lots of thoughts on coffee, probably too many really. Lavazza is one of my all-time favorites. There is another great Italian brand called Cafe Kimbo and they rock too.

Coffee good!

Coffee’s great but screw the espresso, drip-brewed filter’s the best.  Having lost all the decent coffee suppliers in the area (taken over by Costa and Starbucks) I have to fall back on the best pre-ground in Europe: Douwe Egberts.  Best enjoyed from a mug as big as your head :-D

I like stopping somewhere before riding or skiing for a little social interaction.

Here in Boulder, we have Amante coffee, (http://www.amantecoffee.com/) which makes great espresso and caters to the outdoor enthusiast set (especially cyclists). It’s an good place to stop and talk gear before heading for a long ride to Estes park, or on the way to a climb, etc.

A few places in town also use coffee from Concious Coffees (http://www.consciouscoffees.com/) in Breckenridge, which results in an amazing cup of espresso. Allison on Pearl St. (http://www.allisonespresso.com/) is one.

Here in Minneapolis, we have Peace Coffee, which is organic, fair-trade, hands down the best coffee I’ve ever had, and best of all, delivered by bicycle. They serve it at the better coffeeshops and sell it bulk at all the co-ops. There is nothing like black drip Peace Coffee.

That photo looks like what you can get in Europe.  The only place that comes close in Seattle that I’ve found is Tutta Bella.

That’s absolutely from Europe, the Illy counter at the Barcelona airport to be exactly no Charbucks anywhere!  I can make nearly creme nearly that rich at home. Also, of note, in Spain there is no drive through or rush coffee. You’re expected to sit down and sip. Not linger, but enjoy the cup

dude.. you have a Rancillio espresso machine, but not a grinder!  For shame!  It truly does make a huge difference!  In fact, I actually just bought a Rancillio Rocky and I don’t even have a proper espresso machine.  But I’ve already noticed a big increase in the quality of my french press and moka-pot coffee.  I also have a Rancillio (Sylvia) in my future, however.

But seriously, buy a grinder and then start sampling some locally roasted stuff.  I know there are a bunch of places that freshly roast beans here in Toronto daily, so I figure there must be some places in your area as well.  Toronto isn’t really known for its coffee!

As for my weapon of choice, I think it’s likely straight up espresso.  In the Summer however I really really really can’t get enough iced americanos.  Yum.  Especially from Jet Fuel hey even have their own cycling team!

Oh yes, the grinder debate!  I use the grounds quick enough so that they usually don’t go stale and Lavazza is damn good right out of the can, just the right grind for most Seattle weather conditions and I’ll switch to Illy or Mauro when the sun actually comes out. Bentdorf and Benson is also outstanding. Of course, I keep the grinds totally fresh with Clip-n-Seal. I hear you on grinding, but for way less commitment I’m doing quite well on the caffeine and creme.

The Rancillio is bad-ass, even for cappuccinos and lattes (also scrambled eggs). Have you seen those moders, like this guy that puts PIDs on their Silvias? Less grind and more temperature.

Hi DL,

Ilove to start my rides the same way. And on those real cold mornings I will end it with my wife making one of the best lattes you can get.
Blue Bottle Coffee Co. has some very ,very good espresso beans .
And I’m also a Peetnik with the monthly pound delv to my door.

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Tutta Bella seriously has the best espresso in America. They use this beautiful old school lever machine that pulls shots so perfect the sugar stands on top of the crema for a few seconds. At home I use there espresso Attibassi with my own lever machine, an Elektra micro casa with a mazzer mini grinder. I’m hella spoiled.

Rancilio Silvia, espresso, first thing when I get into work. Then another ten minutes later. On the weekends, a quick espresso (called a short black in most of Australia) at Kingston Grind, my local coffee shop, or a long black if I want to linger.


Tutta Bella has a lever? Last time I saw one of those was at a Grateful Dead concert in Eugene and I can say the coffee was magical. In fact, that sip is what turned me onto espresso.


We’ve got a hugger going to ride in Australia this year!

I like to mix coffee beans too. I usually mix Segafredo’s espresso blend with it’s lighter blends. I use a commercial grinder and Silvia level machine that allows for great shots. I’ve been a fan of Soy milk lately and have been mixing half milk & half soy for what has become my favorite cap or latte drink. I live in Europe and it’s hit and miss getting a good espresso shot due to what I think is the freshness of the beans. I usually have a shot in the morning and after lunch with a rare after dinner shot on the weekend. I’m in the camp that the better the grinder and technique the weaker the machine can be.

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