A New Years Resolution

Hey Ecomodder, instead of making a massive cardboard air dam for a Geo Metro, may we suggest you spend that time on a bike?


Find one at a garage sale, 2nd-hand store, fix it up, ride it all over. Make it a New Years resolution. Just saying maybe 15% increase in mileage for all that air damming isn’t worth it.


Hi there,

I’m the co-founder of EcoModder, so I’d just like to chime in that I am an avid cyclist and racer, and my partner who made that boat tail rides his bicycle, even in the depths of Canadian winters, much more than he drives. While I certainly understand your point, you’ve missed your mark if you’re trying to get off a jab at us here. There’s no reason you can’t have an efficient car for the times you do drive, even if you ride your bicycle 90% of the time.


Awesome! No jab at all—have you guys done any modding on bike racks? That could save massive amounts of fuel. Bikes on the top of a car are not efficient in the least.

Yeah, I’m constantly complaining to my friends who go to bike races will the bikes on top because of the terrible aero (besides the danger of the bikes falling off :p). I’ve always travelled with my bikes inside, but my partner did do testing on racks and bikes+racks, which you can find here: http://ecomodder.com/forum/showthread.php/roof-rack-test-quantifying-aero-penalty-96.html

I apologize in advance if I come off as a big a jerk as I probably am.  When I first read the post (and re-reading again) I don’t think it can be taken as anything other than a jab.  A New Year’s resolution that criticizes someone’s endeavors and suggests they follow a more enlightened example?  Turns out they already ride bikes and care enough about the environment that they want to squeeze greater efficiency out of what driving they do.  You just got back from the Bahamas.  Do you really want to compare your carbon footprint with a guy who drives a 12 year old car that already gets something close to 80 mpg and rides a bike in the Canadian winter?

I’m guilty of not riding my bikes nearly as often as I should and my employer insists on sending me on business trips that aren’t really necessary.  I don’t blog, so most of the thoughts I should filter don’t make it out into public (where someone might call me on something).  I like the bikehugger site.  I don’t see the point of the post.

Didja notice the dialogue with the creator of the site after the post? Ecomodders ride bikes and cool. Sorry we don’t play the carbon offset game.  Seen to much of the World for that. Happy New Year to you too—don’t think your a jerk and get what you’re saying, but don’t read too much into the tone of the post. It’s a Geo Metro with a gigantic airdam we’re making fun of and those guys go all out on that stuff. There’s no jab or diss to the people or Bicycle Bob who posts to the forum. The timing of the post is I happened to see their site on New Years day and thought that much time spent on an old car was humorous, but also appreciated their dedication. They even study bike racks, as commented above.

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