A New Year

I joked last week that my New Year’s resolution was to

be more tolerant of Triathletes, as they’re 1/3 cyclists.

well, being in Kona, the land of Ironman, I’ve already tested that resolution. More seriously, I’m working on

  • More community outreach – connecting locally
  • Diversity – diverse voices on Bike Hugger
  • MTB – adding MTB coverage.

In 07, Andrew resolved to ride everyday and I think he did it. In 06, the challenge was to see “how long I can go riding every day.”

Readers what’s your resolve?


Demonstrating what bike geeks we are, we were in bed by 8:00 PM, up at 6:00 AM and riding long today South on Kona.


I just restarted riding May 2008 and got >1,000 miles in.  So my resolution is at least 2,009 miles in 2009. 
Keep adding to the mileage pot every week…


Excellent - - are those commuting miles?

You’re in Seattle? What are your local community outreach thoughts or plans?

I’ve recently put together a magnet project. I’m giving it some time to get out and settle, then to decide where to go next.

<a href=“http://bikealive.org/yellow_card.html” rel=“nofollow”>http://bikealive.org/yellow_card.html</a>

My goal for ’09 is to both ride and skate 3,000 miles each. This year I’m coming in at 3,700 miles total, which is about 2,400 by bike and 1,300 on skates.

In ’08 I got three people to start riding, two of them on bikes I purchased for them. So I guess I’ll have to at least match that, if not top it.

I’ve also started working with some others on the whole advocacy front, but that’s still too nascent at this point to really say anything more specific about.

I think I resolve to reduce my carbon footprint in 09. Read this
funny article.

Good one; while I don’t drive much and very rarely rent cars, I’m blowing through much carbon flying around the Pacific Rim in jets. Offsetting it yes, by riding where I go, but wish the airlines would work on being more green.

Love the Blog.  I started bike commuting in September and My goal for 2009 is to bike 1000+ miles, shouldn’t be too hard.

I have goals this year.  4000 miles on the bike and 1000 miles for running.  Last year it was 3000 and 700 and just barely made the 700 miles running.  I slacked off during the summer.  Doable goals considering how I increased my commuting.

Dig the blog.  As a cyclist turned triathlete, I always thought the big scuffle was between knobbies/roadies, not cyclists/tris. My biggest gripe with triathletes on the bike is their bike handling skills.  Other than that, they are good peeps.

Here’s to keeping the rubber side down in 2009.

@seth - tri-guys tend to talk loudly and carry a small stick around here.  I don’t so much care about the attitude, but propensity for riding in the aero bars at all times bugs.  I’ve had plenty of encounters of guys showing off by passing a group of riders in full aero position only to go languish in front of the group.  I don’t get it.

Note the intent of my post wasn’t to start a tri v. roadie war; we’ve been amongst them here in Kona and it’s been ok so far. By coincidence two weekends in a row a Tri-guy rode up into our group last month—same guy—and the first time I warned and then yelled at him. Second time he stayed off his bars and it was ok. Culturally, while different we must have similarities: obsession, shaved legs, being lean and differ by team work and “being bros” on the road.

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