A Mobile Social in P-Town

We’re putting together the details now for our next Hugga event in Portland, the land of bike culture and Creative Capacity. The event is scheduled for May 21st to coincide with Webvisions. Just like we did at SXSW, we’re going to ride and then meetup at a pub for a reception with a raffle, giveaways, and schwag o’ plenty.

portland_motion.jpg Recommendations on the ride and pub?

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Well Lucky Lab is the default biker bar, but better can be had…

Just up the street is Roadside Attraction, a great pub with nice patio and good beer.

As for the ride, a tour of smith bybee lakes would be great that time of year, lots of wildlife and nature right in the city 10-20mi loop. Not many portlanders are aware of this gem.

@ Gabriel

Good suggestion and a good distance to ride. We’d also heard of [Hopworks Urban Brewery](http://www.hopworksbeer.com/). Is that in a good location for a ride?

Is that a SmartBar?

Well, Hopworks fires it’s brewery with biodiesel and that’s pretty smart

A great place to start might be the Portland Zoo.  You can stay in the city and get a cheat elevation gain via the light rail and elevator.  From there a ride along skyline road and down the curvatious Germantown road.  Cross the gothic St. Johns Bridge and hook around Smith Bybee Lakes with a return to down town via the cross peninsula trail and a roll down Willamette Blvd. into down town.  There are many bars and eateries along the way.

Another “not to be missed” is the Sellwood bike path and the victory lap of the esplanade.

For the longer range rider, try a trip out to Cornelius pass and Savies island.

I think hopworks would be the best bet, they are very bike oriented, more so than the lucky lab (none the less, a great pub) and the zoo to hopworks would be a great, downhill/ fast, ride. Wherever the ride ends up being I am down like a clown for a big ride, I rarely ride with more than 3 others, so anything bigger would just be a blast!


Thanks for the input, we’re finalizing details and about to publish them. Do you have suggestions on the ride start?

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