A Little Twist Changes Bike Bottles


Every now and then a product comes along that makes me wonder how i lived without it. The most recent example is this new bike bottle, the Clean Bottle, which adds a clever removable bottom to the standard bike bottle allowing for quick and easy cleaning of the moldy gunk that often accumulates in dregs of a bottle.

Brilliant, right? 100% non-toxic BPA-free plastic, recyclable, and 10% of all profits go to charity.

In use it’s just like a normal bottle, albeit with slightly stiffer sides than many cheap plastic shop bottles (needed to keep the bottom on the bottle) so it takes a tad bit more energy to squeeze out the fluids, but that’s a small tradeoff for the ability to remove deadly mold from one’s beverage.

Not a drop has leaked from our test bottle after numerous uses and we don’t anticipate any ruptures (though I do have an idea for a prank based on the old salt-shaker gag).

Bottles are $9.99 with free shipping for four or more and five bottles gets you a sixth for free at cleanbottle.com.


Yeah, that’s nice but I’ll stick to my Kleen Kanteen and a bottle brush.

We’ve got the bottles here at Hugga HQ too and while I appreciate the invention, the bottles are heavy and that’s two lids for you to loose v. one. The nozzle is also hard to pull out and without a good flow—the bottle is too stiff to squeeze, so you have to pull hard on the nozzle. What we do with grungy bottles is bleach them and/or eventually recycle them. However Clean Bottles has a good hook.

Totally agree with the two lids to lose vs. one lid comment. What this problem needs isn’t a better bottle, but a better way of cleaning (and drying out) existing bottles.

Personally, I’m hooked on the Camelbak Podium bottle. They don’t leak too badly, and the nozzle has a nice feature of bleeding off the fizz gases from using Nuun tablets without making a mess or the bottle blowing open and spraying everywhere. I also like the fact that they’re not too expensive to feel bad when they finally do reach end of life and recycling.

@Raiyn I like the Kleen Kanteens for sitting around at work or home, but the screw lid and diameter of the bottle (vs. bottle cage diameter) makes them useless for drinking while riding. If you pulled one of those out in the local peloton,  you’d get a bunch of really dirty looks.

Am I the only one who doesn’t loose lids for water bottles?

Umm I’m sorry Matt but you have no idea what you’re talking about.

First, the Kleen Kanteen has the option of the Sport Top 2.0 which is a kick ass VALVE (and a big improvement over the previous version) so that negates your supposed “screw top” issue.*  Seriously though, what were you thinking?  Who uses a screw top on a bike?

Second, as far as the diameter of the bottle is concerned I’ve never had an issue with it in my Profile Kages (potholes, train tracks, etc are no issue) and if you have a (God forbid) metal cage you can BEND it (or simply buy one of KK’s cages). 

As far as the “local peloton” is concerned if you can keep up with them you can drink out of any damn thing you want.  You may actually get more respect for the simple “handicap” of a couple extra grams.

*Yes I just found out about the recall - however that relates to the material of one part of the cap not the cap’s actual function.

i love the podium bottle by camelbak.  nipple has great flow plus the on/off feature.  i thought it was bpa free as well?  can anyone confirm?

i like the kleen kanteen for my car but have the older moddle with the lame nipple….Camelbak has it right with the Podium!

See my review of the [Camel Back Bottle](http://bikehugger.com/2008/05/camel-back-bottle.html) in this post. It is BPA free, yes.

Just to clarify - mine is a 27oz model

Washed the bottles once and the nozzles stop working right (flow constricted). I think it deformed in the dishwasher temperature. There’s likely a patent they didn’t license for the nozzle that Specialized and other bottle use.

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