A knitted bicycle

Pam and I are off to the MS 150 this weekend, photos and posts to follow, and I leave you with this fabulous knitted bike sent to us by Zannestar


I can’t read the text either, but the kickstand really finishes the piece off and reminds me of the knitted ear warmers.


Good job on id’ing the craft—here’s a crocheted bike for you to enjoy:


to answer your question from July, the best way to distinguish knitting vs crochet (as a finished object) is that knitting usually has predominately horizontal rows—sometimes not—and always has stitches that look like “V"s (again, sometimes distorted). Crochet is more flexible and generally the stitches do look more complex, as each one is a hooked knot of sorts. Crochet stitches tend to be longer and skinner and rarely do you see the “V” shape. Look at a t-shirt and you’ll see little “V"s—it’s knitted fabric, much stretchier than crochet.

To identify whether someone’s knitting or crocheting, you generally look for needles (usually 2)—knitting—or a hook (almost always just 1)—crocheting.


What a fantastic knitted bike, i’m looking for one for a photo shoot. Do you know where i can buy, borrow, loan one.

Kind regards

Kerri Bennett

We don’t know, but check with the creator of it.

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