A bad ride

At least once a year, I’ll have a bad ride. Yesterday, I didn’t feel good (iTunes) when I got up. Riding over to meet the team, I felt even worse. Turning squares, legs heavy, and heart rate high, I decided I’d just sit in for a while with the team, ride to Seward Park, then back home: when in doubt, leave it out.

Climbing up to the I-90 tunnel, I slipped twice on ice and nearly went down. It was way colder than it seemed out there, and my toes were numb in about 1/2 an hour. I waited and waited, cold really cold, the team never showed, and I crawled home.

I should’ve listened to my body and not even rode. When a bad ride happens, how do you get through it?


When I’m not feeling so well I do this quick
5 miler down by the river. Last Sunday was one of those days and on that litte ride I took a nice end over on the concrete path.
That was the first spill I can remember in many years but it hurt.
I finished the ride and took some Alleve.

Does 5 miles count as a ride?


I just think forward to the time when I will be back at home. It will be warm and I will be dry and comfortable. Time is nothing when you’re on a bike.

Don’t worry. Just think about the destination and you’ll be there before you know it. The bad ride will be nothing but a distant memory.

There’s always the next ride and I’m sure it was for the best, I didn’t ride with the team. Considering how bad I was feeling, it would’ve only got worse. Sometimes I break the ride home into chunks: get downtown, around the next bend, on Alki, etc.

There’s always beer

I think bad rides may be strictly the result of other troubles in your life.  Biking is not terribly complicated — usually nothing to get upset over — so if it’s not fun it’s not the ride, it’s something else bugging you.  You’re sick, you’re grumpy, you’re broke or overworked etc.  What do you think?

That’s a good point and I was def sickly feeling, not much better today, and didn’t ride. Also, when a guy on the team is yelling at everyone, it’s either over training or frustration with fitness. Sometimes too much coffee. I’ve seen complete melt downs on the bike, so it happens

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