650 Miles of Trails in Denver

When I rode in Colorado, it was up in the mountains, towards ten thousand feet, and a very hard ride – I suffered and climbed and was scared by the sheer drop-offs in hairpin corners, and shivered the whole time.

Heading back towards the airport, later in the trip, I saw miles of bike trails from the highway and thought, “I should come back and ride those!”

Denver’s got 650 miles of trails and quite proud of them.


Hell yeah you should. There’s a great *state* P.O.V. map that tells you how to get basically from Kansas to Utah and all points in between. Somewhat helpful if you wanna go to Denver to Breckenridge, for example.

Denver itself has a great separated bike path system. I loves me some bike path here.

Totally and what’s the mix on the path? Bikes, walkers, joggers and all?

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